Who's Sebastco?

Every brand name has an origin story. This is ours.

The two founders being engineers, struggled with being creative enough to come up with a brand name. They came up with numerous names, however none of them really spoke to them. At one point, months later, they agreed to go with the least worst name.... Thankfully they did not stick to this!

The brand name Sebastco finally came together due to two personal stories.

Story 1

After one of the founding friends left the company, the remaining founder reached out to his friends to help with the brand name. Friends being friends came with even more ridiculous names. One used the founders names to coin a brand name. It was a horrible sounding name and they were dismissed immediately.

But this idea would later give a huge impetus to coming up with our brand name Sebastco.

Story 2

The remaining founder's family friends growing up used to play a board game called Life. They used to love this game and played it each time the family friends would meet up. In 2010, after the founder had gotten back from the US, the family friends decided to bring out the board game for old times sake and play it. But with one major difference, now alcohol was involved! After one too many, the founder had his first baby in Life! (No, not a real baby!) and he named the baby Sebastian Cornelius.

After this, every time the family friends met up, they would joke that the founder HAD to one day name his IRL baby, Sebastian Cornelius.

Story 1 + Story 2

All good ideas come when we least expect it and in a flash. While the founder was trying to sleep one night, his mind was aimlessly wondering around when he recalled his friends joking about using his name to coin the brand name. He thought it would be so cool if he could do that as the Adidas founder, Adi Dassler had done just that. So the founder tried different variations in his mind but they were as bad as the first time. Then suddenly the story 2 popped into his head and he thought THIS would be SO MUCH COOLER if he could name his first brand, after his pre-decided baby name Sebastian Cornelius. If he could, he could tell his family friends, HA! I named my first IRL baby as I said I would!

So after 8 years, his first baby Sebastian Cornelius was born on the 23rd of September 2018.

World, meet Sebastian Cornelius (a.k.a little Sebastian)

Sebastco is Born!

NOW the founder had a brand name he absolutely loved! Now he could design everything else using what he loved. He imbued Sebastco with his personality. Now it wasn't about trying to design a pitch that the world would love but designing a pitch that speaks to him and that he absolutely loved.

  • The Sebastco logo is three triangles because he loved the design as it conveyed to him that its simple, its clean and its minimalistic. And it also conveyed to him a bit of quikyness as the triangles were not arranged in perfect symetry but a bit off its axsis.

  • The three colors in the Sebastco logo are the founders three favorite colors. Selecting these three colors to him made the brand look like a fun brand and this the founder thought fit perfectly as the brand name itself comes from a very fun story.

  • To be consistent with being a fun brand, he thought he should include his style of humor in the brand messaging. Which is a lot of punch line jokes. Sadly most people don't really find it funny, however as it turned out his style of humor matched that of Allbirds. So if Allbirds could do it, why not him and he decided to stick to using his style of humor in the brand messaging.

  • The brand beliefs or the boundaries within which he hopes to operate comes from the founders own beliefs. You can read more about it in detail here.

Now and into the future, every decision we make, every product we lauch, will be in keeping with all of the above.