Our Materials

"The world is full of amazing materials. We will continuously search for the best born, vegan materials we can find and give birth to the most simple and sustainable products we can."

Sole Crepe

Natural latex, which is tapped by skilled labor in Sri Lanka, is used to manufacture the soles of our sandals. The sole crepe sheets our partners produce are almost 100% pure natural rubber. This material is 100% biodegradable. The manufacturing process is highly labor intensive and as such costs a lot more. But we love using it as its impact on society is far greater due to the employment it creates.

100% Natural and Sustainable

Rubberized Coir

The coconut tree is called the tree of life. In Sri Lanka there are many industries and in turn many families who are depended on this simple coconut tree to sustain their life's. Our partners source coir from coconut plantations in Sri Lanka and manufactures rubberized coir sheets for us. That is coconut fibers are sprayed with natural latex, which means these materials too are 100% biodegradable. We love this material as this industry mainly employs women. This material is 99% biodegradable.

100% Natural and Sustainable

Cotton Fabric and Waxed Cotton Canvas Fabric

We chose cotton as it is a born material, however normal cotton is highly damaging to the environment. But as we just got started, for our first batch of 300, we chose to go with normal cotton to validate the design of our sandals Next batch we will source G.O.T.S certified cotton fabric for both the straps and foot-bed.

90% Natural but 0% Sustainable

Natural Latex Foam and Synthetic Foam

Natural latex foam is manufactured using the latex milk from the rubber tree. Natural latex foam can never be 100% pure natural latex as you need to vulcanize it by adding a few chemicals and mineral which are needed to ensure the foam is comfortable and durable. We worked with our partners to ensure our foam is the purest and most comfortable it can be while being as natural as possible. It is still biodegradable unlike the alternative synthetic foam.

30-40% Natural and Sustainable

Our Sebastco Sandals 1.0 it is 80% Natural and 60% Sustainable. Sebastco 2.0 will be 95% Sustainable and Natural!