These are our simple sandals, which we think your soles will absolutely love.

Perfect for indoors and outdoors!

Color Options

Bee (Yellow)

Leaf (Green)

Sky (Blue)

Rambutan (Red)

Jambu (Pink)

Mangosteen (Purple)

Black (Black!)

King Coconut (Orange)

To Purchase

Call us on 0773-102243 or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

We carry standard sandal sizes 4 - 10 (22.5cm - 29cm).

All orders are made to order, delivery is only in Sri Lanka and delivery is free for orders above Rs.3000

Price is LKR 2490 for any color and size combination.


Our aim is to make Coconut-fiber Great Again! After two years of experimenting, we've engineered the perfect coconut-fiber midsoles which moulds to the shape of your feet to enhance comfort.

But we didn’t stop there. We also enlisted Natural Rubber and Cotton to help us take over the world. Our cotton straps are padded with natural latex foam off-cuts from the mattress industry. These straps not only give our sandal a unique look but it greatly increases comfort as well.

Finally, the soles of our sandals are very pure at almost 100% natural rubber. No other country in the world can give life to sole crepe soles of this color (milky white). It is unique to Sri Lanka and we hope to showcase these uniquenesses to the world while making coconut-fiber great again! (Do note, the sole will collect dirt from the path you've traveled and will discolor over time)

    • Warning - It is important to avoid prolonged contact of the sole crepe soles with petroleum based products and avoid prolonged exposure to hot environments or direct sunlight outside of normal use as this could damage the sole crepe soles.

*Our Sandals 1.0 is 60% sustainable and 80% Natural. We use normal cotton right now instead of G.O.T.S certified organic cotton fabric and we don't use natural latex foam for the insoles. We are working on sourcing these for our Sandals 2.0

Care Instructions

Wash the cotton insole and straps with mild soap to wash off dust/dirt and recover the color. You can gently rub off dirt using an old toothbrush, if necessary.


Each return or products which don't meet our internal quality standards will be touched up and donated to the less fortunate in the community.